Right - Wrong (feat. Dae Writer)


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A thought provoking - society wake up song masterfully delivered in Hip-Hop/R&B fashion, digitally released on September 11, 2011 on the Bronx House Music Group label. The release available for download on bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon.com, and other on-line retailers.


I ran with the live-est clique, supplied the strip where pies get flipped
ours lives we’re risked, on our strive for chips
No other reason why I’ve exist other than for me to become wise and rich.
They give us drug they may tranquilize us with, then they wonder why the violence is rising quick.
Now they start advertising chicks, with nice thighs and hips, looking for the right with chips
And wanna know whether if he drive a six and if he stay fresh in the fly-est kicks
And nowadays they go televising this so you telling me Christ was crucified for this?
It’s like we on death row waitin’ to die, but I promise I’ll never be taking alive
And they try to keep truth away from our eyes and that, the general fact that satin’s alive

Am I Dreamin’
What’s the meaning of right, what’s the meaning of wrong
or am I just imaging you’re in my life (I wanna know, I wanna know)
Am I Dreamin’
Why can’t we just live the life we wanna live
or am I just imaging you’re in my life (I wanna know, I wanna know)

Young felons on the daily grind hugging the block, fell victim to the streets and got no love for the cops
Can we escape foul ways and sinful living, more than fifty percent of us been through prison
and not to mention all the guys that’s in, maybe for a bullet or doing five to ten
And you got some that won’t see outside again, but all that time help em become wiser men
I light up a fat dutch and get right in the booth and start reciting the truth to enlighten the youth
Don’t throwaway your life on the stoop and become infatuated with the latest nikey’s and boots’
And jakes will lock you up before they might get the proof, see they just corrupt men with a license to shoot.
Sometimes I wonder if Adam never bite in the fruit will we still been obsessed with all the ice and the loot


It’s a real thin line between life and death; they both go together like right and left
We stared out living like kings and queens now we a fiend and dream for the bling and cream
why GOD let us die do he really not care, some say he’s a myth when he really is there
If he exist is it really vivid as well, hard to defined heaven if we living in hell
Since the beginning things ain’t happen right, how much more pain do we have to sacrifice
many tragic nights and it’s like the only time you promise paradise is in the afterlife
These young boys is trapped and they willing to rise, they can’t cause of the hate they filling inside
Ready to grab toast when they filling the vibe, and they willing to ride, and they willing to die



released September 11, 2011
Produced by James "Dayzel" Fowler for Bronx House Music Group LLC, Rap lyrics written by Grayden "D-MOST" Shropshire for Bronx House Music Group LL



all rights reserved


D-MOST Bronx, New York

The true and living result born from Hip-Hop parents with pioneer roots, “D-MOST” displays an unequivocal talent of lyrical content and rap skill delivery which reveals a genuine substance of Contemporary & Classic Hip-Hop embodied within his DNA and Soul. ... more

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